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Experience the benefits of investing in real estate with Canopy South Capital Management, LLC. We provide investors an easy pathway to invest in a broad spectrum of real estate investments in ways that are convenient and flexible. Through a diverse blend of investments, we seek opportunities that can provide the potential for both income and capital growth. Discover how you can make real estate part of your investment portfolio today.


Our Firm

Canopy South Capital Management, LLC is a trusted residential and commercial real estate investment firm in Nashville, TN. We offer a variety of real estate investment solutions through our select private lending funds. Our funds regularly receive above average returns, providing you the maximum value for your investment.

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Investment Opportunities

Our current investment opportunity includes Canopy South Financial, LLC. This fund is expected to make between an 8-12% net annual return through multiple real estate investments, including new constructions, real estate projects, promissory notes and more. Learn about how you can diversify your investment portfolio today.

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