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Canopy South Capital Management, LLC, is a privately-owned real estate investment firm headquartered in Nashville, TN. We are focused on the success of our clients and stakeholders, we approach our investments with discipline, and we are passionate about real estate.

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We partner with our clients to build a better financial future by providing easy, convenient, and flexible pathways to invest in a broad spectrum of real estate. Through a diverse blend of residential, mixed-use, rental, and commercial development, we seek opportunities with potential for income and capital growth. We focus on acquiring and developing real estate opportunities throughout the greater Nashville area.

We specialize in transactional funding, short-term developments, residential renovations, rental conversions, multi-family developments, horizontal property regimes, and new construction. At Canopy South, we’re strive to achieve great results for our investors, developers, and the communities in which we work and live.

Canopy South Capital Management’s goal is to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns on behalf of our partners. We achieve this goal in two key ways: by investing in a strategic blend of real estate opportunities and through smart asset management. We take an active and entrepreneurial approach to achieving a high rate of return (an estimated 8-12%) for our clients. 

Experience the benefits of investing in real estate with us and discover how you can make real estate part of your investment portfolio today.

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We perform careful due diligence, offer personalized service, and take great care to balance opportunity and value against risk. Our approach is hands-on and strategy-driven. Accredited investors, retirees, high net-worth individuals, companies, trusts, LLCs are welcome to invest with Canopy South Capital Management.

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Investment Opportunity

The Canopy South Financial, LLC fund is expected to make between an 8-12% net annual return through multiple real estate investments, including new construction, real estate projects, promissory notes, and more. Services include lending, bridge loan funding, equity investments, and real estate acquisition and development.

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