About Canopy South Capital Management, LLC

About Canopy South Capital Management, LLC

Trusted Real Estate Investing
Canopy South Capital Management is a real estate focused company based in Nashville, TN that engages in lending, investing, and developing real estate related projects. Our diverse investments are what make us different. We look for a variety of real estate opportunities that provide a combination of income, appreciation, value, and stability.

Our Mission

At Canopy South Capital Management, LLC, our mission is to establish strong investor relationships built on trust, value and community. We accomplish this by investing in a variety of real estate assets, both commercial and residential, based on sound research and analysis and a thorough understanding of the markets.

  • Trust & Integrity. Our integrity is a core value, and we demand it in all we do, and with everyone with whom we work. We know that trust is something we earn every day, and we expect to earn and keep yours. In real estate investing, our team has the experience and depth to make intelligent investment decisions that deliver high value returns. We are determined to seek the best investments that have the most potential to earn impressive returns, while also maintaining and preserving capital.
  • Value. We diversify our investments to include short and long term residential and commercial real estate projects that produce multiple streams of income and stability.
  • Community. We believe that what we do has a lasting impact on neighborhoods and the business community. We are committed to finding investments, projects, and developments that will have a positive impact in all these areas for many generations to come.
To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, you can contact us by filling in the form under Contact Us on this website, sending us an e-mail at or giving us a call today at 615 432-2728.

We look forward to talking to you about our company, what we do, and our investment opportunities.

Al Cocke, Founder and CEO

Al Cocke, Founder and CEO

Our Team

Founder and CEO Al Cocke has more than 12 years of experience investing in real estate. During this time he has proven his ability to find and invest in a variety of real estate opportunities, both residential and commercial. His experience has involved operating as a developer, investor, and lender.

After a long career in the practice of law, Mr. Cocke began his life-long interest in real estate investing in 2004. He operated as a developer of high-end single family homes, and became immersed in all aspects of the business, including providing funding, approving designs, and selecting finishes. He later was involved in developing a commercial condo building in the Nashville area.

These endeavors led to experience in commercial property development, including commercial financing, planning, zoning, government requirements and regulations, and all of the many aspects that are peculiar to this type of development.

More recently, he has engaged in private money lending to a variety of other companies engaged in real estate purchases, rehabbing, and new construction. His investments have covered one end of Tennessee to the other, from Memphis to Maryville, but most of his involvement has been in and around the Nashville area. He has also invested as an equity partner in a senior living development in Alabama.

Mr. Cocke has a strong belief that education and learning never end, and so he has spent that last few years attending a number of seminars, workshops, and boot camps related to real estate. Topics have covered many aspects of real estate investing, including private money lending, apartment and commercial investing, the fix and flip business, wholesaling, notes investing, as well as management techniques.

Mr. Cocke received his BA from the University of Tennessee in 1977, and then received his law degree from UT in 1979. He clerked for a Justice on the Tennessee Supreme Court, and then went on to work for a variety of governmental entities as well as in private practice. He worked in the State Attorney General’s Office for 11 years, and rose to head a division that, among other things, was involved in representing the State of Tennessee in all of its contract and real estate matters, including acquisitions, sales, management, and litigation.

Mr. Cocke is a member on REIN, TNREIA, ULI Nashville, and The Nashville Civic Design Center. In April 2017, he was certified by the National Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) as a Professional Home Provider, awarded after attending numerous seminars and workshops related to real estate investing and development.