Canopy South Financial, LLC

Canopy South Financial, LLC

Canopy South Financial, LLC offers a simple way to diversify your investment portfolios through real estate. Whether you are an individual or represent a group or organization, this investment platform provides a simple and rewarding opportunity to receive healthy returns created from multiple revenue streams.  

If you are an investor seeking to diversify your portfolio through real estate, but have neither the time, nor the expertise, nor the inclination to be involved in the many details it takes to pursue this type of investment successfully, Canopy South Financial, LLC is ideal for you.

How the Fund Works

Canopy South Financial (CSF) is a North Carolina-based LLC established for the purpose of general real estate investing. It is specifically designed to achieve above average returns for Investors through a diverse range of investments and lending approaches.  

We put our resources to work in 3 ways:



CSF’s initial operations are as a lender and funding resource for a broad spectrum of other companies seeking financing for land purchase and development, construction, rehabbing, and other real estate related projects. These types of loans can bring in regular income without committing resources for extended periods of time.3



In addition, this fund will invest in wide range of real estate ventures with other companies. These opportunities may involve:

  • Partnering with other companies

  • Entering into joint ventures

  • Buying shares of other real estate related companies

  • Sharing in profits in various commercial and residential projects

  • Investing in Promissory Notes

Such projects may include single family homes, multiple home developments, mixed use projects, apartments, multi-family housing, cottage developments, senior living centers and other types of projects that make sense and fill a specific need in today’s fluid real estate markets. These investments may result in even greater returns than those from lending.



Finally, the fund is available to Canopy South’s own family of investments. This allows us to seize real estate opportunities quickly when opportunity arises. 
While CSF offers financing to other companies seeking capital, Canopy South Capital Managem

Our Vision

Canopy South Financial is a part of a broader vision that includes future projects that cover many dynamic real estate concepts. 

Our goal is to be involved in building:

  • Great homes

  • Dynamic living spaces

  • Innovative working environments

  • Inspired recreational spaces

  • Community sensitive projects

  • Environmentally friendly developments

All of these concepts will have a lasting and positive influence for generations to come. We want our Investors to be a part of that vision as well. 

The diversity of the Canopy South Financial investment provide the unique ability to not only be adaptable to an ever-changing real estate landscape, but also positions the fund to obtain multiple investment resources that provide steady income and profits, while protecting its principal capital for Investors.

Expected Returns

8 -12% Returns

To begin with, Investors will be given an 8% preferred return. This means that once net profits are calculated, all profits will go to Investors first up to a return of 8%. After that level of return is achieved, net profits will be shared with management, with two thirds going to Investors.

Canopy South Financial, LLC is expected to achieve above average income that will yield between 8-12% returns to its Investors. While returns are not guaranteed and may vary from year to year based on investment types and timing of projects, we are committed to striving for these types of returns over time.


Canopy South Financial is an LLC in which Investors have the opportunity to buy unit shares as Limited Partners. Investments are combined to create a pooled fund of capital from which investments are made.  

Canopy South Capital Management, LLC (CSCM) operates as the Manager of the Company. In this capacity, CSCM actively oversees all aspects of Canopy South Financial (CSF), including:

  • General and specific research

  • Locating investment opportunities

  • Maintaining all necessary documents

  • Overseeing active projects and investment activities

  • Attending closings and meetings

  • Managing fund transfers and banks accounts

  • Ensuring that resulting profits are returned to the fund upon project completion

CSCM also oversees all aspects of investor relations. CSCM will prepare and distribute profits and returns to the Investors and perform all necessary accounting to reflect how funds are used and disburse. It will also prepare and distribute all required tax documents and forms for Investors. 

Canopy South Financial, LLC operates under the terms of a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) as well as an Operating Agreement. These documents set forth the details that govern the following:

  • Scope of business activities

  • Investments

  • Risks and potential returns to Investors

  • Terms of relationships

  • Responsibilities and rights of Investors

  • Role of management

  • Day-to-day operations.

Potential Investors will be given copies of the PPM and Operating Agreement and will have an opportunity to fully review these documents, consult with management and their own advisors, and have any questions answered before making investment decisions.

The minimum time commitment for investors will normally be 3 years. During this time, interest and profits on investments will be distributed quarterly as those returns are realized. After this initial commitment period, Investors will have the option to withdraw their principal investment, or continue with the fund.

Accredited Investors

This Canopy South Financial fund is open only to Accredited Investors. The minimum initial investment is $100,000.

Accredited Investors can be individuals or business entities, companies, LLC’s, trusts, and other organizations. However, these individuals or entities must meet certain conditions regarding either their net worth or income. 

For a better understanding of these qualifications, please see our Investor Information section under “Who Can Participate.”

Start Investing

Get started investing with Canopy South Financial, LLC, by filing in the form under the Contact Us section in this website, sending us an e-mail at or calling us at 615 432-2728. There is no obligation to find out more about what we do and our investment opportunities. We look forward to talking to you.